Animation and Governance as a Service

Father Gonzalo Diez gave a second conference on the model of leadership that governments at any level –general, provincial and local – should approach. He talked about ten key aspects any good leader has to embrace: they need to have specific objectives to know where we are going; leadership has to be focused on the important matters; a true leader generates change; they have to be willing to be leaders and to pay the price; a leader has to make decisions; they have to be attentive and committed; they have to take the risk; guide us towards new opportunities and work steadily and be stable.

Above all, a leader has to make everyone feel important, as Christ did. Jesus is the leader and he entrusts His leadership to us. Therefore, the more people see Christ in the actions of leaders, the better leaders they will be.

After the presentation, we worked on the second part of the document: “Animation and Governance as a Service”.