Day 1: Opening of the 21st Provincial Chapter

On 12th November in the morning, the Vicar General, Sr Ester Berruete declared that the 21st Provincial Chapter of the English Province had officially started after reading the letter of Sister Anabela Carneiro, General Superior. In it, Sister Anabela encourages us to live radically the order of Paul the Apostle to all the Christians in Rome “PRACTICE HOSPITALITY”. She invites us to look at the reality of the Province with faith and charism and to be “strong and brave practising Hospitality, sharing the gift we have received without fears and with certainty that if goodness is shared, it will be multiplied”.

Afterwards, Sr Presentacion Martinez and Cecilia Eshun were appointed scrutineers. Sr Iwona Olesinska will be the coordinator during the week and Sr Maria Josefa Hernandez was elected Secretary of the Chapter.

We have spent the day reading, studying and reflecting on the 2012-28 Report, the detailed document of the life and mission of the province with its strengths and weaknesses during the last six years, through which we had the opportunity to know the reality of the province in order to work on the Plan for the next six years.

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