A day trip to remember

Outings are immensely beneficial to children’s rehabilitation and development – close-up interaction with nature is always very valuable, as is the opportunity to socialise with staff, with family, and with one another.

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13 Aug 2020

“I love seeing the residents having fun.”

Megan Derry is a senior carer at Christ the King Care Home, Shenstone She has worked for Sisters Hospitallers for 6 years. When Covid-19 was announced, her role changed completely and she became aware of how vital her job was in protecting our vulnerable residents. She said that “I have seen things I have never seen before and been put into situations I never thought I would be put in, but all of this has made me a stronger person”.

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12 Aug 2020

Head of Finance needed!

We are hiring a full-time Head of Finance for tight financial control and delivery of the Trust’s financial strategy, in alignment with the overall vision and strategy. To prepare the management accounts and financial performance information and control the annual budgeting and forecasting process. The Head of Finance is responsible to produce the draft annual statutory accounts for the Charity, manage quality and assurance controls and audit compliance.

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11 Aug 2020

Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) is needed!

We are hiring a Human Resources Business Partner. This role will drive, communicate, and project manage the Province’s HR programs and projects with all stakeholders. The role will serve as the primary liaison with the Board of Trustees, to ensure that the company standards, processes and ways of working are seamlessly integrated into the Divisions and consistency is applied nationally where required. The post holder will also operate as an HR generalist in key projects and project leader for Divisional activity.

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11 Aug 2020

Business Excellence Manager needed!

We are hiring a full-time Business Excellence Manager to support Managers and staff. To understand performance and implement changes to policy and practices across the Charity in the care and support services. To assist in delivering the modernisation programme. To undertake compliance audits across the Province’s care & support services To co-ordinate learning and development activities for care and support staff in conjunction with the Training and HR departments.

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6 Aug 2020

Our experience at St Teresa’s home during the lockdown

Anita is the activities coordinator at St Teresa’s Care Home, in London. She has shared her experience during the lockdown. She told us how much she admires her colleagues because they continued working, keeping calm, collected and spreading their happy thoughts and spirits with no complaint or relaxation in their giving attitude. And the most important, “the pandemic has taught us one thing - together we are strong and with support, compassion and love we can go through the hardship, learn and continue forward stronger and more inspired.”

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10 Jul 2020

Our New Normal

Sisters Hospitallers care home in Shenstone has started allowing one person per family to visit their loved one, this is part of the new normal, as it is wearing face mask all the time. To entertain and cheer up our residents, the picnics outside and walks around the garden are part of our daily life

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15 Jul 2020

“Everybody’s life is based on chances.”

Frank Bicknell moved to St Teresa’s care home recently. He was born in India, he studied law at Oxford University and, during the Second World War, he joined the airforce, where his knowledge of Russian was a plus. He was sent to the Anglo-Russian Control Commission in Finland. He has a dedication in the War Museum for being the first person to meet with the Russians.

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29 Apr 2020

Up with creativity!

Our residents, at Sisters Hospitallers centre in Addlestone, are doing their best to maintain their normal routine, and to keep their brains active. As Margaret, one of the residents, said “We can't forget our morning exercise sessions, keeping our minds fit requires us to do some sports too. No excuses are acceptable,”

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24 Apr 2020

Happy St. Benedict Menni Day!

Happy St. Benedict Menni Day! Today Sisters Hospitallers celebrate the feast day of our founder, St. Benedict Menni, a day when we remember, more than ever, his acts of hospitality. He dreamed that his “love of hospitality could fly from one part to another and make it burn in all the roundness of the earth”.

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10 Mar 2020

“It is difficult when they don’t accept psychological help”

Macarena Aspiunza is a psychologist who collaborates with Sisters Hospitallers. For the last four years, she has travelled regularly to Liberia to assist with psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support, accompanied by a productive and pre-work objective to improve the quality of life of the patients.

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