A day trip to remember

Outings are immensely beneficial to children’s rehabilitation and development – close-up interaction with nature is always very valuable, as is the opportunity to socialise with staff, with family, and with one another.

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20 Jul 2018

Volunteering in Ghana 5

Would you like to know what it is to volunteer at one of our centres in Africa? Jessica, an Emergency Department Staff Nurse explains her volunteering experience with the Sisters Hospitallers at St Francis Xavier Hospital (Assin Foso, Ghana).

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2 Jul 2018

Sunny June at our Care Homes!

In June, we were blessed with an amazing weather in England that made possible to have a lot of activities in our gardens. We also enjoyed outings to parks, visits and many arts and crafts - our residents are becoming experts!

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7 Jul 2018

Interviewing Sr Cecilia Eshun

Sister Cecilia Eshun is a Hospitaller Sister from Ghana West Africa currently working at the Rehabilitation Centre for the children with learning disabilities in Dompoase, Ghana.

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28 Jun 2018

XXI General Chapter

The XXI General Chapter took place in Rocca di Papa, Rome from 8th to 30th June. Among the participants, three sisters from the English Province attended -Sr Begoña (elected 4th General Counsellor), Sr Josephine and Sr Georgina. Two co-workers from the province were also invited to participate for four days -Martin Blake, from the Provincial Offices and Benedicta Asafu Adjaye, from St Francis Xavier Hospital.

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21 Jun 2018

Co-Workers at the XXI General Chapter

Martin Blake, Finance Officer at the English Province, talks about his experience at the XXI General Chapter, where he was invited to participate as a co-worker.

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8 Jun 2018


St Teresa's Home has received a £10,000 donation which will be invested in home improvements. Thank you! https://bit.ly/2JGLjh2

24 Apr 2018

Happy St Benedict Menni Feast Day!

Like every year, on 24 April we celebrate the Feast of St. Benedict Menni, in each and every one of the different areas where our institution is present.

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1 Mar 2018

February in our Care Homes

Outings, celebrations, visits, birthdays... Keeping active is important for our residents' well-being. You can see what how they have been spending their time in our homes!

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5 Feb 2018

World Day for Consecrated Life

On this day the Universal Church unites in prayer for all men and women in consecrated life and asks the Lord of the harvest to inspire and call young Catholics to follow Jesus in religious life.

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13 Feb 2018

Pastoral Care 5th Annual Conference

The Pastoral Care Meeting at the English Province took place on 12 February in Addlestone. Under the theme Recreating Hospitality, Sr Isabel Cantón and Fr Martin Ashcroft reminded us how important is to be hospitable to others and particularly to our residents.

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23 Jan 2018

The Core Values of Care

Commitment, Communication, Care, Compassion, Courage and Competence are the CORE VALUES of CARE. Thank you to Dr Eleanor Worthington for the training and to all present at St Teresa's Home for such an enriching afternoon.

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