31 Oct 2017

6th Provincial Assembly

On Monday 23rd October we spent the day in prayer reflecting in group on one of the icons of the document –the Samaritan woman. We asked the Lord to enlighten us with His word, to give us the thirst for the living water and to recognise that He is also thirsty and asking us to give Him water.
He wants everybody to recognise He is the living water and that only He can satisfy us.

From 4 to 5 P.M we had the exposing of the Blessed Sacrament. At 5.30 P.M the whole assembly gathered in the conference room and Sr. Begoña read the welcome speech from Sr. Anabela, the Superior General, and she also welcomed all the representatives participating in the Sixth Provincial Assembly. Then, she nominated the following sisters for the different assignments: Sr. Iwona was appointed coordinator; Sisters Presentation and Cecilia, scrutineers; and Sr Josefa was appointed secretary of the Assembly.

On Tuesday, we assembled in the training room at 9 A.M and after invoking the assistance of the Holy Spirit, Sr. Begoña together with Sr. Iwona explained to us the work to be done during the day.

In the morning we studied the first part of the document “Communities undergoing conversion” individually and later in small groups. In the afternoon we assembled again in the conference room and after invoking the assistance of Mary our Mother, the groups presented the work done to the whole assembly and the necessary amendments were made. We concluded the day giving thanks to the Lord with the evening prayer.

As several sisters made their first profession on the 24th of October, we had a small celebration to mark this day.

The apostolic work of the centres was addressed on Wednesday, and co-workers from the three care homes in England were invited to take part in the assembly. We gathered in the training room where Sister Begoña gave a brief introduction about how the General Chapters work and what they mean to the Congregation.

Afterwards, we worked on “The Hospitaller Mission that goes forth”, included in the document draft and everyone had the chance to analyse its content and give their opinion. It was a profitable day, and the staff gained a deeper knowledge of the Congregation and the mission, which is essential in order to work with the sisters and strengthen the shared mission.

The Provincial Assembly was a really enjoyable day. We felt privileged to be invited and be involved in reviewing, discussing and debating the changes we made on the Chapter. It gave us the opportunity to understand the document in more detail and it was interesting to see the different ways each member of the groups thought analysis worked. It was also really nice to see so many of our Sisters and co-workers together working as a team in one place.
Caroline Marsh -Finance Officer, and Pauline Jones -Family Liaison Officer at Footherley Hall

The section “Animation and Gobernance as a Service” was studied and discussed on Thursday. It was the last day of analysis of the draft.

On Friday, all the sisters proceeded to vote the proposals for the General Chapter and the sisters who will attend the meeting next June were elected. Sr Georgina and Sr Josefa will join Sr Begoña representing the English Province during the XXI General Chapter.

That evening we all celebrated Sr Begoña´s Birthday at the dining room. It was good to enjoy, relax and have some fun after such an intense week of hard work!