26 May 2016

A magical performance

Thank you to the students and teachers from the Royal Academy of Music
A beautiful, magical performance.

On the 26th of May we were happy to welcome four harp students from the Royal Academy of Music. Residents, staff and sisters gathered in the conservatory and listened to a wonderful afternoon harp recital. The programme included classical pieces from Debussy, Gabriel Faure and other famous composers. The group of students were led by their teacher Karen Vaughan, Head of Harp at the Royal Academy of Music (who’s teacher was the mother of Mrs Brooke, resident at St Theresa’s home).

The students gave us a lovely performance and were very informative, telling us lots of interesting stories about the pieces and their composers.

After the concert residents were very positive, expressing how much they appreciated it and felt that their spirit was lifted by the magic of the beautiful music. As well as receiving a large round of applause, flowers and chocolates, the musicians were invited to join the afternoon tea and cake.