16 Oct 2017

Hospitaller Mission Week

Dear Co-workers, Volunteers, Sisters and Brothers: Every year, on the Feast of Pentecost, the Pope issues a message for World Mission Day.

In it, he offers us: a) a reminder of some of the fundamentals of the mission, b) a summary of the Pope’s main intentions regarding the mission (insights which are developed more fully in other previously published and more official text, such as encyclicals or exhortations); c) one or two lines on one or other particular aspect or matter, or some idea of relevance to the current year, or some particular point that the Holy Father wishes to stress.

His Message for the 2017 World Mission Day includes the main constituent elements of the mission, as clearly indicated in the title of the message: Mission at the heart of the Christian faith. The roots of the mission lie at the very heart of the Christian faith, and the heart of the Christian faith may properly be described as a mission.

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