15 Oct 2018

Hospitaller Mission Week

Every year, on Pentecost Sunday, the Pope sends us his message for the WDP.

In his message, he reminds us of some of the fundamentals which underpin the mission, and summarises his most important insights regarding the theme for the Day (some of which have already been developed in greater detail in other, more official, texts published previously, such as encyclicals or exhortations). He provides a short account dealing with one particular aspect or issue, and an idea appropriate to the current year regarding some particular matter on which the Pope is particularly focused. In this year’s case, it is the Synod, which will convene in Rome in October this year, and which the Pope tell is “offers us an opportunity to understand more fully, in the light of faith, what the Lord Jesus wants to say to you young people, and, through you, to all Christian communities”.

His message for the 2018 WDP addresses all the features of the mission, which are clearly set out in the title of this message, and which we can make our own by converting them into an appeal to our institutions, to experience and enable others to experience the enthusiasm of our vocation and commitment to the most disadvantaged, for HOSPITALITY dissolves borders.

This year, you will forgive us for offering you a less well-developed guide than usual, because we have just completed the General Chapter of the Congregation and we are now approaching the General Chapter of the Order, and find it difficult to draft and translate all the materials as we had done in previous years, and we are therefore asking you to complete them yourselves, or to use any previous years’ documents which can help you.

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