9 Nov 2018

“I will carry all of you in my thoughts”

The Provincial Superior of the English Province, Sister Begoña Pérez, has concluded six years of committed and dedicated service. The sisters and co-workers gave her a moving farewell party that coincided with her birthday.

The day started with the Morning Prayer wisely prepared by Sr Josefa, that expressed gratitude to Sr. Begoña for the six years of dedicated and committed service to the Province; for her efforts, sacrifices and endurance in difficult times leading the Province.

The homily was very inspirational and touching. At the offertory, Sr. Begoña carried a lighted candle symbolising the Risen Christ, the 60th Birthday, and the end of her six years of committed and dedicated service to the Province. A bunch of roses were also offered as a symbol of love and service and the beauty of Creation. The Mass was ended with a big applause as we sang the “Happy Birthday”.

The Sisters from Addlestone came at lunchtime and the after-dinner lasted for three hours with poems, regional songs and dancing. The day ended with a sense of happiness and sadness as we bade her farewell.

Dear all,

With these words, I would like to express how grateful I am to all of you for your support during my six years as Provincial Superior. Thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication and contributions; and for supporting my decisions in order to offer a better service.

It’s time to say goodbye… It hurts to leave people I hold in high esteem behind, however, I am positive you will all continue to give your best to the people we work for. Please, do not let discouragement be part of your daily life in difficult times.

Thank you so much again for the support, affection and understanding you have given me throughout these years. Rest assured I will carry all of you in my thoughts and heart.


Begoña Pérez