7 Jul 2018

Interviewing Sr Cecilia Eshun

Sister Cecilia Eshun is a Hospitaller Sister from Ghana West Africa currently working at the Rehabilitation Centre for the children with learning disabilities in Dompoase, Ghana.

Tell us a little bit about you…

I joined the Sisters Hospitallers Congregation in 1998 and in 1999 I started the initial formation at Elmina (Ghana). I had my temporary vows on 16th September 2001 at the Formation House and did the perpetual vows on 10th September 2008 at the General House in Rome.

Why did you decide to become a Hospitaller Sister?

I did not decide but it was God who called and sent me to follow him in the Hospitaller life. In my yearning and searching to find God’s will in my life, I came to know this Congregation of Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through my parish priest.

I joined the Sisters Hospitallers because I had the passion for the elderly and the sick people so I was happy to find a Congregation that is engaged in this mission, which I desired in order to serve God and humanity.

Basically, that is how I became a Hospitaller sister. But I do believe that it is God’s doing and I am very grateful to God for calling me to be part of His healing ministry.

How long have you been in Dompoase for?

I have been in Dompoase since 9th April 2011, so I have spent seven years here.

Most of the families of the children cannot afford to contribute anything

Could you describe a regular day in the community?

I will say Saturday is the regular day. On this day we rise at 6am, have community prayer at 6.30am followed by breakfast. After, we do general cleaning at the house and washing up of the clothing. Each sister has been assigned to a particular place to work there. This may take us a whole morning.

Then, at 1pm, we pray the Rosary and have lunch. In the evening we do household activities. At 6pm we have the Evening Prayer and Lectio Divina Bible sharing or Faith sharing which to me, is helping us to enrich our spiritual life.

What are the challenges you face?

The first challenge is that some parents and family members have rejected their children who are suffering from mental and physical disabilities.

The financial challenge at times makes it difficult for us to run the centre because most of the families of the children who come to the centre cannot afford to contribute anything.

Another challenge is that some families think that their children who have intellectual disabilities are not worth spending on.

There have been campaigns to raise money for Dompoase and several individuals have donated money for the children, would you like to say anything to them?

Yes, first of all, I will like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to our beloved sisters and brothers who are working tirelessly to generate funds to support the less fortunate children at St. Benito Menni Hospital (Rehabilitation Centre). Thank you, for your generosity in many diverse ways in which you have contributed for the up keeping of these lovely children of ours.

May God richly bless you and also bless the work of your hands so that you will continue assisting us

We really appreciate your generosity, the loving care and support you continue to offer us to carry and live our charism of hospitality to our sick brothers and sisters. May God richly bless you and also bless the work of your hands so that you will continue assisting us to carry out the healing ministry entrusted to us in order to give quality and holistic care to the people we render service to in our centres and homes. Once again thank you and God bless you all.