1 May 2018

What did our Residents do in April? Monthly News!

We believe that keeping our residents’ minds and bodies active is really important for their well-being. Our staff and volunteers put in a lot of work to make their lives better and are constantly organising outings, events and new activities for them.

In April, residents had entertainment at home musicals, piano recitals, concerts, and pantomime, but they also went out to garden centres and parks to enjoy the amazing weather that we had at least for some days! As usual, they had some indoor activities such as bingo, board games, arts and crafts, and some of them got the chance to dress like movie stars!

We celebrated some birthdays and important dates such as Easter, St George Day, St Benedict Menni Feast Day and the 70th and 60th Jubilees of four Sisters of Christian Education. We hope you enjoy having a look at our daily life through our photos!

St Augustine’s Home

Christ the King Care Home

St Teresa’s Home