21st Provincial Chapter

Sisters Hospitallers celebrates its General and Provincial Chapters every six years. The General Chapter sets the action guidelines that the canonical provinces need to take into account in order to define the Provincial Plan. After the General Chapter in June 2018, the Provinces are celebrating their Provincial Chapters from October to December.

The Provinces of Italy, Portugal and Latin America and the Delegation of the Philippines have already concluded their Chapters and Assemblies. It is now the turn of the Provincial Chapter of English Province, celebrated in Addlestone (UK) from 12 to 18 November, where fourteen sisters and seven co-workers will participate to define the provincial action plan for the next six years. A new Provincial Government will be also elected by the end of the Chapter.

Day 1: Opening of the 21st Provincial Chapter

On 12th November in the morning, the Vicar General, Sr Ester Berruete declared that the 21st Provincial Chapter of the English Province had officially started after reading the letter of Sister Anabela Carneiro, General Superior. In it, Sister Anabela encourages us to live…  Read More


Day 2: Working on “Communities on a Samaritan Mission”

The second day of the Provincial Chapter was dedicated to working on the synthesis of the Provincial Plan. We had a presentation from Fr. Gonzalo Diez… Read more

Day 3: Animation and Governance as a Service

Father Gonzalo Diez gave a second conference on the model of leadership that governments at any level –general, provincial and local – should approach. He talked about ten key aspects any good leader has to embrace… Read more

Day 4: Co-Workers at the Provincial Chapter

The Vicar Provincial, Sister Isabel Canton, welcomed everyone reminding us that “this work that we are doing here during this Provincial chapter would not be complete without your participation and of course your inputRead More

Day 5: Study of the Centres

On Friday 16th, we studied the reality of the centres in England in depth with the help of an expert from GERALDEVE as well as the reorganisation in Africa and the current situation of our centre in Liberia and other future challenges of the Province.

Day 6: The New Provincial Council

Sister María Lourdes Sanz has been elected Provincial Superior for the next six years. Until now, she was the local Superior at… Read More

The new Council of the English Province