Our mission, vision and values

We are the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Since the year 1881 we have been changing – and saving – lives at our care homes and medical clinics around the world, through our commitment to the powerful charism of Hospitality. Some 1,200 Sisters, and 8,700 lay co-workers, are currently making it possible today to establish and develop the apostolic mission of the Congregation throughout the world.

Our mission

With a deeply human attitude and without discrimination, we aim to offer and provide care and support for people who are sick, disabled, elderly or suffering from dementia by:

  • Promoting a spirit of Hospitality among all who share in the Mission
  • Attending to the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of all those within our care
  • Respecting human rights
  • Defending dignity
  • Valuing presence in society.


Our vision is a world in which the sick, the elderly and the marginalised receive comfort and care they need – all through the living charism of hospitality.


Our core value is that of hospitality – a human value and a virtue, which is seen in the Church in the most authentic sign of charity. This core value informs everything we do, and shapes the care we provide in all our centres around the world.

Hospitality is a powerful concept and contains much within it. The Congregation views hospitality as an attitude of outreach to needy people, without any distinction in terms of race, sex, ideology, religion or social class.

Here are some of its other associated values, which are also celebrated and shared in our work.

  • Sensitivity for the excluded
  • Service to the sick and needy
  • Liberating welcome
  • Holistic health
  • Professional quality
  • Humanity in care
  • Respect of ethical standards
  • Historical awareness.

The typical features of the care environment are:

  • Preferential attention and dedication to those in greatest need
  • A social commitment to people with no resources
  • Absolute respect for the dignity of the sick person
  • Personalised and humanised care
  • High quailty care
  • The high quality of our facilities
  • The technical expertise of the professionals involved
  • Quality treatment.