Our work today

The Sisters Hospitallers are a global force for care and compassion, operating in 27 countries worldwide. Thanks to the generosity of the kind people who support our work, our Sisters, medical staff and volunteers bring vital medical care to patients of all ages, living with a wide range of physical and mental conditions.

Our work changes lives, for people of all ages
Our work changes lives, for people of all ages
Our work changes lives, for people of all ages
Our work changes lives, for people of all ages
Our work changes lives, for people of all ages

Putting our faith into powerful action

Inspired by the selfless dedication of our founder, Benedict Menni, and by the charism of Hospitality that he embodied, we provide specialist care in these areas:

  • Care for the elderly
  • Maternity services
  • Psychiatric/mental health care
  • Special educational needs
  • General medicine

Our Generalate is based in Rome and our Congregation is divided into a number of individual canonical provinces. The English Province is composed of care homes, hospitals and health centres in England, Ghana and Liberia.

The scope and scale of our work is growing along with the need for our help, so we are always looking for passionate dedicated people to join our cause, either as volunteers, as Sisters or as supporters – all these people make our Hospitality possible.

Our impact

  • 1,084The number of Sisters worldwide who comprise the global Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers

  • 551,346The total number of outpatients who came to our health centres in Liberia and Ghana for medical care they might not have received without us

  • 3,833Births took place in our care in 2016, at our medical centres in Ghana and Liberia

  • Improvements – We are always looking to update our facilities, from redecoration and building maintenance to purchasing new medical equipment and ambulances.

  • 15,750healthcare and social units provided services for almost 2 million beneficiaries in the past year

  • Community – Our volunteers organise a multitude of activities, outings and entertainment for our residents to enjoy, including concerts, summer fetes and annual barbeques.

Annual report

Click on the link below to download our latest annual report. In it, you can read about the full scope of our activities around the world in 201, from the improvements we have made to our UK care homes to the upgrades underway at our health centres in Africa.

Annual Report 2018