None of our work would be possible without the support of our donors – caring people who share our belief in the life-changing power of Hospitality.

How your money helps

  • £5could go towards core supplies like eye drops, bandages and medicines

  • enriching lives We organise a multitude of activities, outings and entertainment for our residents to enjoy, including concerts, summer fetes and barbeques

  • £10could help increase patients' personal comfort by paying for toiletries, slippers, cardigans or warm, soft blankets

  • £25could help buy an incubator, giving prematurely born children a chance at survival

  • 551,346The total number of outpatients who came to our health centres in Liberia and Ghana for medical care they might not have received without us

  • £50could help improve and maintain our homes, to make sure we can continue to enable people to reach their full potential – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • 15,750healthcare and social units provided services for almost 2 million beneficiaries in the past year

  • Help change the lives of 128 residents in our three UK care homes

Ways to give

Our kind supporters have many different options to choose from when they are giving donations to Sisters Hospitallers. You may prefer the simplicity of a one-off cash gift, or the larger impact of a monthly donation or even remembering us in your Will. However you give, we want you to know that your donation could change – or even save – someone’s life.

Of course we welcome every bit of financial support we receive, but if you share our core beliefs in care, dignity and the value of every human being, then we invite you to join us – as a volunteer, as a co-worker, as a Lay Hospitaller or as a Sister.

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