A day trip to remember

Outings are immensely beneficial to children’s rehabilitation and development – close-up interaction with nature is always very valuable, as is the opportunity to socialise with staff, with family, and with one another.

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14 Dec 2020

Activities, Visit & Birthdays

Sisters Hospitallers in Liberia would like to share the latest news from St Benedict Menni Health Centre. The last weeks were full of activities, visits and birthday celebrations. But most of all, they would like to share one reflection “If there is one thing we have learnt during this pandemic it’s to celebrate life and every single moment.”

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8 Nov 2020

Mental Health Day

St Benedict Health Center joined World Mental Health Day. This year theme was ‘Mental health for all. Greater investment, greater access.’ Sisters Hospitallers centre in Liberia organised an event to meet with relatives of patients to discuss issues concerning mental health with an emphasis on this theme. A few patients made themselves available to record a video for Sisters Hospitallers sharing their opinions on their interaction with people taking into account their mental illness - and how they live independently with it.

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22 Oct 2020

Home visits & Relaxation Techniques

St Benedict Health Centre in Liberia, run by the Sisters Hospitallers, has prioritised home visits for follow-ups on patients daily to help them maintain their mental stability and to try to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, they have been encouraging patients, staff and sisters to practise relaxation techniques to decrease the stress caused by the pandemic.

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23 Sep 2020

Our lives in Corona times

Sisters Hospitallers Centre in Libera told us how their lives are in Corona times. From virtual meetings to workshops to learn how to prevent COVID-19, including birthdays parties and different kind of activities. Because as the patients at St Benedict Health Centre like to sing ‘‘KUTU KUTU, JUNGA JUNGA’’ which means be strong and courageous.

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1 Jul 2020

“We all need to be strong and fight this virus together.”

Terrica Moore is a Register Nurse who works for Sisters Hospitallers in Liberia since two years ago. Although the current #andemic affecting the world, she thinks the experience with the Ebola, has made her stronger mentally, and it has learnt how to reduce anxiety.

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10 Mar 2020

“It is difficult when they don’t accept psychological help”

Macarena Aspiunza is a psychologist who collaborates with Sisters Hospitallers. For the last four years, she has travelled regularly to Liberia to assist with psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support, accompanied by a productive and pre-work objective to improve the quality of life of the patients.

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26 Feb 2020

Visiting Ganta Leprosy

Sisters, staff and volunteers of the St Benedict Menni Center and Aita Menni Hospital visited the Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehab Center. Ganta Leprosy and TB Rehab Center is a facility with capacity for 150 people. It has nursing units, pharmacy, rehabilitation, crafts and prosthesis workshops. Some of the workers are people who have suffered from the disease and after rehabilitation, they were integrated into the staff.

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19 Sep 2019

St Benedict Menni Health Centre host nursing students in internships

St Benedict Menni Health Centre will host nursing students in internships from Mother Patern College of Health Sciences. After 2 years, we signed a collaborative agreement so it is already in operation and that allows nursing and social work students to rotate through our unit.

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11 Sep 2019

Médecins Sans Frontières and Sisters Hospitallers new collaboration

A Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) delegation visited Sisters Hospitallers Benedict Menni Health Center in Monrovia. They knew firsthand the activities we do and the approach that is carried out of mental illness based on psycho-therapies, drug-therapy and rehabilitation activities. MSF will refer patients from its outpatient's facilities to ours.

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13 Aug 2019

Catholic Release Service Members Visit St Benedict Menni Health Centre

Fifteen delegates from the Catholic Release Service from the diocese of St. Augustine in Florida spent a few days at St. Benedict Menni Rehabilitation Centre in Monrovia. They are a support group which sponsors for mental health with admission and integration of the facility’s policy

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24 May 2019

Visit of the Carter Center

Mr Dossen and our Director of Health Programs, Mikel Tellaeche, addressed the need of an agreement to set our Mental Health Unit as a referral training site for their students in Montserrado County. The Carter Center is currently working with the World Health Organization in the deployment of a survey on the drugs required by mental health facilities all over the country.

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