1 Apr 2019

Spring has Arrived at our Care Homes!

St Teresa’s Home

St Teresa’s Home welcomed guests from the Museum of Brands at Nothing Hill, who came with a Memory Pack containing items inspired by the Museum’s collection as part of a session called “Brand Memories” –a new wellbeing initiative created to enhance the lives of people affected by dementia. The overall goal of the session was to encourage positive interactions, reminiscing, creativity and social engagement and to enhance the residents’ overall feeling of wellbeing.

Culture and history through the objects in the museums can unite people, make them feel closer and bring the museum to the community and to people that are not able to visit it.

We were invited to have lunch at St James School for girls -they kindly cooked for us! We had a great time attending a concert at St Paul’s church performed by the extraordinary pianist Derek Paravicini and spent a beautiful afternoon in Kensington Gardens. Besides, we visited the Victoria & Albert Museum, had two singing sessions, physical exercise and other activities. It was great to see Anglican Priest Jenny who came to do a communion service together with two volunteers from St Mary the Boltons church. She gave us an excellent talk about Mother’s Day and everyone present was given a bunch of daffodils. They also visited the residents in their rooms who could not join for medical reasons.

Christ the King Care Home

For Mother’s Day, our residents joined in making crafts for the table in reception and family members and staff were invited to display a photograph of themselves with their Mum. We also celebrated St Patrick’s Day in true Footherley style: the day commenced with a quiz with questions all about the history and the meaning of the feast day.

Our residents still really enjoy the time spent knitting and nattering which happens now in the conservatory sat on our new very nice furniture. We played table tennis, sang with ‘Timeless’ band, had our classical music hours and watched many movies. We also celebrated Pancake Day competing with one another tossing pancakes around the lounge, it was great fun!

St Augustine’s Home

We had a very exciting afternoon with this amazing Ukelele Band, whose songs brought residents a lot of joy and helped them remember their youth. We did some Cherry Blossom arts and crafts which look amazing on our walls and many other activities! Our residents are already enjoying the beautiful spring flowers and the birds flying around. It is lovely to see the squirrels climbing the trees, which are now starting to blossom. Soon our garden will be an explosion of colour and life, there is so much to gaze at! Daffodils, tulips, camellias…