25 Aug 2020


St Augustine’s residents like to challenge themselves. Although playing games is fun, sometimes they compete and see who is the best.

This month we introduced several tournaments: ring toss, snakes and ladders, carpet bowls, and darts. Everybody did their best but unfortunately, there can only be one winner!

The victors were announced during a garden party.

  • Sue was the absolute annual sport winner. She won the following games: bean bag bullseye, carpet bowls, snakes and ladders, ring toss, and darts. Congratulations Sue, you did fantastically!
  • Bingo queen Lily came second. She was the winner for three weeks in a row. She has also demonstrated great skill at bowling and carpet bowling.
  • Barry was one of the winners at carpet bowls.
  • Michael beat everybody at drawing. We all love his artistic efforts. Genevieve impressed us with her drawing too, and she received a well-deserved award.
  • June was the fastest at Word Search. She only needed seven minutes to complete the game!

All the participants received a certificate and the winners also received a medal.