18 Nov 2020

A journey to Master of Science

Like our mother Mary, I also say the Lord has done a great thing for me and Holy is his name. My journey started in August 2018 when I gained admission to further my education by studying for a Masters in procurement. I was told beforehand by those who had a similar degree that the course is very demanding but I accepted the offer bearing this in mind. I must admit that it was indeed challenging with many assignments, research, attending lectures and a whole lot more. We had lectures twice in a week (on Saturdays and Sundays), and with limited time at our disposal, we started them at 7am and finished at 6pm and sometimes later.

Initially, I was commuting from Dompoase and back every day leaving the house as early as 5am and coming back as late as 10pm because of heavy traffic. Later, I was given permission to stay with some sisters (Esther and Vida) of the Blessed Trinity – a local congregation in the Archdiocese of Kumasi at the hostel belonging to the Catholic Church.

After the hard and tiring work, and with encouragement from my sister in community and my siblings I had my final examination in May 2019 but could not graduate because I had not completed my thesis. My research was on evaluating demand management practices and the role policy plays in it. I had permission from the Vicar General of Cape Coast Archdiocese to carry out my research in their health facilities. On its completion, I found out that good policy indeed plays a major role in demand practices because it is this that will determine the maximum, minimum and re-order quantity level of stocks. A good inventory management policy in place plays a vital part in ensuring that the right item is purchased at the right time and in the right quantity. After my supervisor and the examiners reviewed my work, I was shortlisted for graduation this September and one month later, my journey came to a successful end.

It had been a tough but very useful journey. I want to say a big thank you to my provincial superior and her councillors for the opportunity given to me and all the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – especially my sisters in the community – for their encouragement and support. May God continue to bind us all in his love so that together we become a true image of Jesus our Lord.

Sister Anastasia Gifty Acquaye (HSC)