4 Jun 2020

A truly lovely ‘Thank You’

Alison is Christ the King Manager’s daughter –Sisters Hospitallers care home in Shenstone -. She has been very sweet, and she has painted a truly lovely ‘Thank You’ picture which Tina presented to all the staff.  Please see the photos of Alison with her picture and our staff with it too!  Alison has written a few words on what prompted her to paint it, please see below:

‘After watching my mum work in the care industry for most of my life, I know how tough the job can be, especially at a time like this. I believe that care homes and carers have been overlooked, and I wanted to make something to show my appreciation. The staff at Footherley Hall have always given the highest level of care to their residents but they have truly gone above and beyond during these past few months. I hope the sign I painted brings some cheer to the home and reflects how much the community appreciates each member of staff for their incredible bravery. Thank you so much.’