17 Dec 2020

A virtual trip to Spain

We had another beautiful morning in November presenting the country of Spain. Residents were all invited into the lounge to share a cup of aromatic and tasty coffee and to sample delicacies from the country, while being virtually transported to different parts of Spain, by watching interesting travel documentaries from Rick Steves.

We visited Madrid, Barcelona – the basilica of Sagrada Familia and the monastery of Montserrat, León, Andalucía and the Pyrenees mountains. The residents were fascinated by the rich culture of the country, ancient history and the very appealing sight of its delicious and tasty cuisine – we agreed that next time our presentation will definitely include some tapas and wine! And of course, being the country of our beloved sisters we were lucky to have an enriched sensory experience – Sr Isabel brought lovely colourful fabric made flower emblems with the colours of the Spanish flag and each resident wore one of them – they seemed quite proud to have them on their sleeves and it was an attractive scene for everyone.

After the documentaries, it was time for Spanish music and what spirit and joy it brought! Sr Isabel had prepared herself with castanets and played them and danced with Marie, Erika and other residents, showing them Sevillanas, a traditional Spanish dance and they were happy to engage. Our residents who could not join the standing dance were very happy to follow with a chair dance and “tocando las palmas” (clapping) accompanied by Anita and Sr Julia. We all ended the activity happy for “being” in Spain for a little while.