14 Dec 2020

Activities, Visit & Birthdays

Routine activities were carried as most of our patients were taken through their paces to remain physically fit and mentally stabilized. We are all involved in this period of the pandemic and our approach towards it remains a collective fight against the virus. All necessary measures are still in place for staff, patients and visitors.

We received a courtesy visit from our Provincial Superior, Sr Maria Lourdes Sanz who came to Liberia to see how things have gone and shared with us her experiences towards achieving common goals. We appreciated her visit as it’s clearly quite nerve-racking travelling around the world with COVID-19 on our minds. We wish her a safe trip back to London and in all her endeavours.

As is traditional, the unit celebrated with two of our inpatients who had their natal days in the same month. Those were happy moments which the celebrants internalized and archived. If there is one thing we have learnt during this pandemic it’s to celebrate life and every single moment.

Members of the management team were involved in Project Management and Fundraising training which was held virtually from Rome. The aim was to provide participants with tips to be considered during project proposals. Maria Josefa Unit was not left out; two members were selected to participate in 8 days training. We hope to be involved in subsequent training to gain more insight.

We acknowledge the San Benito Fundación, in Spain, whose selfless efforts towards the welfare of congregations in Africa, Asia and Latin America have brought us to greater heights. We want to thank them for their support in cash and kind in helping to sustain St Benedict Menni Health Center and Mental Rehabilitation unit.