18 Dec 2020

Arts & Crafts at Footherley Hall

Our residents have had a lovely time painting their own poppies for our window display and have been very creative indeed!

Our resident Rosie painted a Spitfire and insisted she wasn’t very good but did an absolutely marvellous job drawing one. Very well done Rosie!

On a cold rainy Monday, what better way to spend the morning than sitting in our warm and cosy lounge at Footherley Hall playing various board games, jigsaws and balloon tennis.

Our residents enjoyed jigsaws and a skilful game of ‘Kerplunk’ which produced lots of laughter. And Iris whopped Sue at dominoes winning 4-2! Meanwhile, Toni played a game of balloon tennis with Norma, Dorothy, Joan Proctor, Margaret and Rosie! An enjoyable morning was had by all….happy days!