3 Jun 2020

Better to prevent

By now we have all seen and read different tips to try to avoid coronavirus. All Sisters Hospitallers co-workers who deal directly with patients have to attend regular training. In fact, at St Francis Xavier Hospital all the staff have joined training to refresh their knowledge together.

Our Infection and Control team used the opportunity of a preparedness and management workshop to remind the staff about everything concerning IPC practices. The program was organised by Dr Harris Osei-Mensah and Ms Grace Darko, IPC Coordinator.

This kind of training reinforces the rest of the measures we are taking as pre-triage at the entrance of the facility for screening and detecting suspected cases before they have access to the OPD. Handwashing stations have been created all over the hospital to encourage handwashing for both patients and staff, and PPEs have been procured for all the staff – especially the front liners.