25 Sep 2019

Bye, Bye Summer

We are in autumn, but before saying a definite goodbye to the summer, Sisters Hospitallers would like to share some moments and photos of our residents during the last summer days. They were quite busy and made the best of them.

St Augustine’s Home

Time for tea, games, visits, music and… Bingo!

An afternoon without a delicious tea is not really an afternoon at all! Ask our residents, who love to join together around a table to taste the traditional food that comprises a proper English tea. We had delicious strawberry and cream scones, and also biscuits. Because the occasion warranted it, we used fine Chinese porcelain. The amazing set we have the pleasure to use now and then was donated by one of our residents. Apart from being incredibly pretty, the cups, plates and saucers are quite light and it makes it easier for our residents to use them. We can’t wait to have another Afternoon Tea Party!

It is very well known that contact with animals has a lot of benefits, mostly on an emotional level. They help us to be more sociable, less selfish and even to develop more confidence. To these benefits, we have to add that elderly people gain vitality and feel less lonely and stressful when they interact with animals. That’s why it is important to have special visits and on this occasion, 14 floppy guinea pigs were our guests. At first, our residents couldn’t believe their eyes, but soon they picked them up and caressed them. Susan, one of our residents, said: “It was very therapeutic and they brought  out loving and caring instincts, and they  were well behaved.” Another, Rosina, would love to keep them  –  and for Margaret and Janet, they brought back some sweet memories because they used to have guinea pigs. We look forward to them visiting us again very soon!

We held our annual Sports Tournament, and it was great fun. Our residents did their best to win a medal, although the most important thing was that we had a good laugh.  During the contest, we played bowling, hit the bull’s eye, ring toss and pass the ball. In the last game, the challenge was coordination plus probing our ability to say as many names of girls, boys, birds, flowers, animals or insects as possible.  Certainly, memory and coordination were the keys to winning. Special mention to our winners:

  • Bowling: Helen, Nancy & Alice Sue.
  • Hit the Bull’s Eye: Margaret & Delia.
  • Ring toss: Maurice & John.

Christ the King Care Home

Shows, picnic days in the sun, singing & cello playing

The Summer show this year was the old favourite ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ performed superbly well by North East Productions.

The show was presented outside as the weather was just glorious. Our residents loved it, joining in singing and clapping to songs from various musicals. Afternoon tea and ice cream were served afterwards in the garden too, which all made for a lovely summer afternoon.  With many thanks to North East Productions – it really was super!

Our residents enjoyed those days outside so much. You can see it in their faces because everyone is smiling. It reminds us of the holidays and everything nice.   With many thanks again to our Kitchen Team for providing such a lovely picnic lunch for everyone.

We’ve enjoyed entertainment from Suzanne Kearne, Alison Moss and RT&3 Music Band who played a melody of easy listening tunes from the 50’s and 60’s along with all our usual activities from quizzes to classical music hour, to keeping fit with Progressive Mobility and even a little bird watching! Minna and her grandchildren returned to play for us which was as lovely as before. With Minna playing the piano,  her granddaughter on the cello and her grandson singing beautifully, it was a pleasure to listen to. Thank you so much – it really was a lovely morning.

St Teresa’s Home

Activities, exhibitions, walks and much more

At St Teresa’s Home, something is always happening! We love to keep ourselves busy and entertained. The residents spend the morning doing exercises and stretching their legs, going for a walk around the block. In the afternoon we have several activities; we watched documentaries about “The Revelation Of The Pyramids” in our movie room which is situated in our library. We also listened to the Rachmaninoff piano concert 2 and 3 and The BBC Proms 2019.

But best of all, thanks to the glorious summer we have spent more time outside. We put the television in the garden to watch documentaries, one of which was about the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong, followed by ice lollies, juice and afternoon coffee in the garden. When we are not watching something interesting, we are busy doing handicrafts, painting, playing dominos, dancing and listening to music.

We were delighted with the visit of the lovely people from Alpha Church, who came to spend some time with us, and we had the chance of chatting and singing all together.  To our surprise, they came with a beautiful rabbit that the residents could hold and caress. We really had a good time!

We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and had trips to Kensington Gardens to feed the lakeside ducks. Afterwards, we had a great coffee and ice cream at the coffee bar.  We also went to have coffee at the top of the Peter Jones store, enjoying the beautiful view and, of course, we took a walk around the shop.