13 Aug 2019

Catholic Release Service Members Visit St Benedict Menni Health Centre

Fifteen delegates from the Catholic Release Service from the diocese of St. Augustine in Florida spent a few days at St. Benedict Menni Rehabilitation Centre in Monrovia, Liberia. Indeed, they are a support group which sponsors for mental health with admission and integration of the facility’s policy. It was very nice to share time with them and find out how they work. They were warmly received and taken through the duties of the facility to let them know about our work and mission.

Three of our patients have been identified with abnormalities in their eyes and they were screened. They had to pass various processes, and they were provided with the necessary intervention for free. We also continued with the in-service training of staff coordinated by our nurse specialist in psychiatry,  Ato Kwamena. During the training, we discussed various forms of assessment of patients’ mental state, and the staff was presented with scripts of the presentation.

A special mention for our “Trial Parole System” treatment a one-week adaptation program. Patients seen to have developed a good and stable mental state are allowed to go back home after going through several forms of psychotherapy,  seem to have developed a good and stable mental state. This helps them to adapt and adjust to their environment after being away for a period of time due to the onset of their mental illness. Family and guardians play a very important, supportive role in helping patients to succeed.

Also, we had a very special day celebrating the 172nd Anniversary of the Independence of Liberia. The whole country was making merry and during the festivities, we combined our routine activities with games, such as a musical chair competition, storytelling and a music and dancing contest.

As you can see from the photos, we shared a delicious meal  together including an amazing dessert cake and drinks and of course, we sang the national anthem of Liberia “All Hail, Liberia, Hail!”  and honoured the country’s motto,  “The Love of Liberty brought us here!”