2 Jan 2019

Christmas at St Francis Xavier Hospital

Christmas Party

We celebrated the Christmas Party on the 20th of December. The Recreational Committee of the hospital willingly took care of the whole event: all the preparations, decorations and the programme with the aim to celebrate this festivity all together, dance, have fun and socialise. After the meal, awards were given to various members of staff for their 10 and 25 Years of Service. In addition, each department nominated its best worker and an award as a sign of recognition was given to them.

Presents for the Newborn and the Children

Two of our former volunteers from England, Jessica and Sarah, sent two suitcases full of Christmas presents individually wrapped for the children in the paediatric ward and the newborn babies. The children and their parents are very grateful for their kindness, this was a true example of selflessness that is even more appreciated during this time of the year.