12 Nov 2020

Daily Activities

We had many beautiful moments at St Teresa’s in October and the days were filled with activities and joy.

Painting: Every Tuesday morning residents were happy to gather in the conservatory, enjoy a cup of coffee with treats, to chat with each other and take part in a painting session. They could choose from many colouring pages – landscapes, autumn leaves, flowers, fruits, and spent several happy hours colouring, helping each other choose the best colours and admiring the results, cheering each other. Most of the paintings are now displayed on a stand in the painting corner of the conservatory for all to enjoy.

Games: Games continued throughout the month – we organised weekly team and competitive activities like hoops and bowling in the morning and in the afternoon the Scrabble club every Monday and Friday attracted new members like Frank who began playing for the first time in his life in October and by the end of the month was already quite experienced and winning several games. Maintenance officer Simon and Activities Coordinator Anita quite often join in and we are looking forward to the end of the month when everyone will be competing for a bottle of wine. At the same time, our residents who like more sensory stimulation enjoyed Magic Table games and jigsaw puzzles in the lounge – Joyce was especially happy with the new jigsaw puzzle she received on her ‘resident of the day’ morning – she said it was quite big and jolly and proceeded to complete it successfully with her companions.

Concerts: Zoom concerts were organised on a regular basis every Thursday and are enjoyed by a great number of residents, who are now looking forward to them and declared them a big success. We had a lovely opera singer who requested a list of the residents’ favourite songs, prepared himself and had a wonderful sing-along which included ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Singing in the Rain’, ‘Danny Boy’ and’ We’ll Meet Again’. The highlight of the performance was celebrating Margaret’s birthday and singing’ Happy Birthday’ to her opera-style. He was rewarded by Margaret’s big smile and her reaction that she loved it. At the end of the month, we also had a beautiful ballet performance, requested especially for Ann who is a great ballet lover.

Quizzes: Twice a week quizzes with chocolate prizes gave residents an opportunity to spend time together and socialise while having fun and being stimulated. We had various themes – alphabet quiz, culture, music, opera, general knowledge and everyone said that they were participating for the fun, not the prizes though they added that the prize/ chocolate doesn’t hurt!! They also used the time to share memories and it is really nice to see new friendships forming.

Autumn collages: We also featured this beautiful and colourful time of the in our craft activities. Marie is a painter and artist and on her special ‘resident day’ we went out together to collect attractive leaves and spent the afternoon preparing collages. Marie was very excited about this new activity and admired the leaves, which inspired her to make different colours combinations. She enjoyed touching them and was happy to help the other residents prepare their own collages. We also prepared some leaves to decorate the conservatory for the harvest celebration.

Outing to Westminster: Deirdre was especially happy on her ‘resident of the day’ morning when she was surprised with a nice outing to Westminster. We were very lucky to have sunny and warm weather and Deirdre said it was so lovely to be able to see London and to remember she is a Londoner as it was so long since she had been sightseeing. She had a great and entertaining time in front of Parliament chatting with the policemen and walking on Westminster Bridge. She was treated to a cappuccino and a long walk by the river embankment, which reminded her of the strolls she took there with her husband and daughter. She was happy and smiling the whole morning and on her return expressed deep gratitude for having the chance to visit some of London’s most beautiful places.

Wednesday movie afternoons entertained the residents with different films – we had a series of serious history documentaries that were attended by more than half of the residents in the house. As one of them said ‘Everyone loves Churchill and wants to remember him or learn more about him’. There were some evergreen comedy series like Fawlty Towers and Laurel and Hardy which made most residents smile widely or laugh with tears, such as Ann who said she couldn’t but love the intelligent humour and sweet sarcasm – very similar to her own!!