31 Jul 2020

Daily activities

At St Teresa’s our month was busy, and we filled it with a variety of activities

We had exercises, brain teasers and life sharing – residents enjoyed exchanging interesting stories from their life every morning with Sr Isabel and Anita in the conservatory. There was quite a lot of dancing and singing too!

Chocolate afternoon – reading and tasting chocolate – we dedicated one afternoon especially to chocolate as it is one of the resident’s favourite treats. Deirdre and Anita entertained everyone by reading the story of chocolate starting from the ancient Aztecs, reaching Spain through the conquistador Cortes.

Flower and Vera Lynn Party – the children from Kensington and Chelsea prepared beautiful paper flowers and sent them to the home in June to cheer us up during the lockdown. We organised a colourful little party with the songs of Vera Lynn and a documentary about her life. Residents found the flowers great for waving while singing some of their favourite wartime songs.

Painting – we had lovely painting sessions every week with different themes – hand painting, and mushrooms painting. It’s great fun to paint white mushrooms in red and white spots, just like in the about in fairy tales. We were so excited to welcome a new member in our painting club – Frank – who turned out to be really gifted although humbly saying he needs to develop but he enjoyed it a lot. For our new members Nan who cannot see, we explored the pleasures of finger painting – with assistance and choosing her own colours, she painted a nice bowl with fruits.

We also had many crosswords, quizzes and walks outside enjoying the sunny weather.