11 Sep 2020

Fancy Dress Day at Footherley Hall

On 21st August we held a Fancy Dress Day so our Residents donned a variety of hats and staff dressed up in various outfits, from a police officer, a Hawaiian hula, Minnie Mouse and a Mexican which brought a smile to a lot of our residents’ faces and staff too for that matter! They thought it was fabulous that we had all dressed up, and they loved the different costumes, especially Nora who had a smile from ear to ear all day long and nor did she take her hat off all day either. It was heartwarming to see our residents’ faces light up like this.

To add to the fun theme we had a fancy dress dance which ended up with ‘New York, New York’ which we played a few times because our residents loved it so much. We ended the day with a character quiz and enjoyed nibbles and cocktails to make our residents feel special and they all thoroughly enjoyed the day from start to finish. With many thanks to the kitchen team for the lovely spread – as beautifully prepared as always. It was a truly uplifting day. Please see the photos that say it all….