1 Mar 2019

February Activities

Christ the King Care Home

It has been a busy month activities-wise, to include our regular activities such as weekly bingo with Toby and ‘Singing for Fun’ using Jenny’s Golden Memories Karaoke DVD’s. Word games and quizzes have also been played to keep our minds active. We have tried our hand at indoor games including ‘Tin Can Alley,’ Hoop-la and ‘Velcro Darts’. Progressive Mobility continue to visit us twice a month to encourage us to move more in our chairs and each time this goes down so well with everyone joining in!

To relax we have listened to various genres of music and had two film afternoons.’ We have also been busy baking this month; our residents suggested making Jam tarts so with the help of the kitchen team we formed a little production line of rolling, cutting, placing and filling, not forgetting, of course, the best bit which was the eating!

We honoured and celebrated Valentine’s Day by making flower arrangements to go on the tables at our ‘Couples Lunch’ and, of course, love heart cookies and love heart decorations. We also made red and gold fans for the Chinese New Year and attempted to use chopsticks to pick up delicious prawn crackers out of a Chinese decorated bowl which was so much fun and was really funny to see!

Two of our employees celebrated 30 and 20 years of service, many congratulations and thank you for all your work!

St Augustine’s Home

Like every month, there have been several activities at St Augustine’s Home in order to keep our residents entertained whilst socialising and having fun.  Charlie entertained our residents on 8th February and Daniel came in to play music from the 50s and 60s. Residents enjoyed dancing and waving their hands following the rhythm.

One of our latest acquisitions has been a TV, which is great to watch movies and play music from youtube. They enjoyed watching Annie, Grease and Oliver. We also played Bingo several times and enjoyed doing some puzzles and arts and crafts. We created beautiful farewell cards for Sister Isabel that she will keep as a memory of her time with us.

Our residents participated in the making of decorations for St Valentine’s Day to give a special touch to the lounge for such a special occasion. Big red hearts and postcards decorated the space and created an even more loving atmosphere. There was a St Valentine’s lunch for all the couples served at the lounge, which they really enjoyed with a bottle of wine!

Sister Isabel Canton ended her mandate as Local Superior this year and sadly we had to say “FAREWELL” to her. We thanked Sr. Isabel for her total commitment and dedication to the community, resident’s families, friends of St. Augustine and to hundreds of peoples that she came in contact with on a daily basis. She was always welcoming, happy and enthusiastic; she possesses the gift of initiative and the courage to carry it out, at whatever cost! On behalf of the community, a touch of appreciation was given to her. She gave us a big thank-you in return!

St Teresa’s Home

We had a busy month at St Teresa’s Home, being occupied daily with interesting activities. As usual, we had our documentary afternoons, dedicated to the Medici – the Godfathers of Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and several historical movies about Egypt, the Pyramids and Nefertiti. We also had a classical concert afternoon twice per week, listening to Beethoven piano concertos, Grieg, Rachmaninoff… in the entertainment room.

In the lounge and the conservatory, there were crafts activities and board games for those who were more excited to sit together around the tables and create cards and paintings while chatting. Domino and Ludo were our favourites and almost everyone took a turn in winning. Family members joined in several times and helped the residents with our new jigsaw puzzles.

We began the regular monthly Anglican service for 2019. We also took great advantage of the warm and nice weather and went for walks and to Marks and Spencer almost every day. Residents found a new favourite activity – to go to Nero for a coffee in the afternoon, sit and read the newspaper in the peaceful but lively atmosphere of the cafeteria.

We organised the second of the residents, families and friends evening quiz gathering themed ‘World Countries’. Like the previous time, it attracted many residents and family members who had the chance to get together, enjoy each other’s company and become closer as a community.