12 Sep 2018

Free Eye Consultation and Excursion to Mt Adjafa

Free Eye Consultation Success

On 22nd August, Doctor Akosua Mensah Bonsu and her team spent the day doing free eye screenings for everyone at St Francis Xavier Hospital. Free medicines and a discount on glasses was also offered. Many were interested in having their eyes checked and had to wait for their turn for a while. Canopies and chairs were provided to accommodate all patients. The specialists saw over 500 people that day. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Excursion to Mount Adjafa

A journey of a thousand mile they say begins with a step, so as the journey to Liate Wote, the home of Mt. Afadja and Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary.

The Recreational Committee of the hospital rolled out a registration form to the various units for interested staff to register. In all, 276 co-workers penned down their names to participate in the outing which took place in three different dates.

Many were really enthusiastic to participate. In the end, 226 members of staff made the journey, which shows how the fever of the excursion gripped the hospital and how ready they were to socialise.

They chanted various songs, made hilarious comments and seeing other colleagues for the first time. To some, it was their first time of travelling such a distance and were privileged to climb the highest mountain in West Africa and seeing Mona monkeys not in the zoo but with them. To others, it was their first time of touring the Volta region, seeing the ever beautiful Adomi Bridge, the beautiful Shai Hills and its admiring nature. Touring the region was really challenging and interesting.

The committee expressed its profound gratitude to the sister in charge and the entire management team for giving staff the opportunity to explore and the privilege to appreciate nature. Hiking on the highest mountain in West Africa was one of life’s moral lesson. Many people started but few got to the highest peak. At a point, people fell but got up, forged ahead and with perseverance and determination made it to the final destination.