7 Nov 2020

French Morning

A new activity began at St Teresa’s in October – ‘Visit a country’ morning. Each month we will present a country to our residents and take them on a virtual trip.
In October, the residents were happy to learn more about France during our French Morning. At coffee time, they were invited into the lounge where the table was attractively arranged with French delicacies – cakes and sweets donated to Sr Isabel from an old friend who has very discretely been sending prizes.

The hostesses of this little gathering were Deirdre and Sr Isabel who kindly distributed coffee and treats and explained what the residents were about to taste – together with Anita, who found an interesting movie about France and a virtual tour of Paris and Cannes. It was quite nice to be transported to that sunny part of the world during a rainy October day!
Residents said it was a lovely idea to eat French sweets while watching French documentaries and also a pleasant change from the usual morning biscuits. Residents heard the most interesting facts about the country and at the end of the morning we sang a few French songs together – the well known and easy to remember Frere Jacques, the legendary Edith Piaf songbook and Marie Jose – born in France – sung the French anthem.

Our next planned trip in November will be to Spain and we are hoping for plenty of Spanish songs from our wonderful sisters too!