27 Nov 2019

Games, crafts and exercise

Sisters Hospitallers care homes routine includes games, crafts and exercise.  Our residents like to spend time together, be creative and move their bodies.

First, it was Halloween. It was a great excuse for putting our imagination to work. Our residents had fun colouring and making some scary drawings for decorating our care home. It was time also to rummage through our storage and bring out our Halloween stuff. We have recycled some decorations from last year and added some new designs made by our residents.

Michael was very enthusiastic about it, and he did some drawings of pumpkins, while other residents did the colouring. Susan was in charge of making the Halloween Banner. Many thanks to all of them for contributing to a scary but fun Halloween day!

Not only Halloween, but Christmas decoration takes a lot of time too. At St Augustine’s we were busy preparing for our Christmas Fayre. Guided by Nina, residents and co-workers,  helped to make Christmas cards by cutting, colouring and designing. Some of the residents add glitter, while others were cutting and glueing materials to stick on the cards. The objective was to sell them at the Christmas Fayre to fund residents activities.

Everybody is welcome to join us in our daily exercise. Two of one of our residents’ grandchildren had great fun, and they observed firsthand that keeping fit is not an easy task! Sister Isabel led all of us, and she kept us all the time moving.

Other ways of keeping our residents fit – in this case, mentally – are playing memory games and doing puzzles. They love to spend time together!