24 Jul 2019

Handcraft to develop the imagination

Mental health services are very important for Sisters Hospitallers and a key component in the hospital’s commitment to holistic care. That is one reason why our centres offer different kind of activities to help to develop the creativity of our patients and also to involve them in the daily routine.

At St. Francis Xavier Hospital, in Ghana, to increase patients’ artistic thinking, we have introduced to our regulars at the day centre to a new activity, handcraft making., handcraft making. It was challenging at the beginning, but now it is fun watching them work relentlessly to get their patterns right while working with the beads. Also, their conversation period which runs two hours in the week gives the patients the opportunity to speak about whatever is on their mind including what’s trending in the news and their communities. Besides, to other routine activities, this is having a positive impact on their lives. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Sisters Hospitallers for making this possible.

A few years back, we offered our services only to patients at the OPD and on the wards. Now with the help of Sr Lourdes (Superior Provincial), we have undergone an amazing transformation from caring for the mentally ill at the OPD and on the wards to having a day centre which runs from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays. It is managed by a team of psychiatric nurses in collaboration with the offices of pastoral care and social services.