26 Jun 2020

Happy 101st birthday Ruby!

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a star, walking the red carpet and posing for the media?

For one resident at St Augustine’s that moment arrived recently when the care home was transformed into film awards set to celebrate Ruby’s 101st birthday – and for such a special day we had a fantastic party.

Sisters Hospitallers care home in Addlestone became a catwalk for the occasion. The carpet was pink – not red – and although the guests didn’t wear designer dresses all of them wore something much more important, an incredible smile with their best wishes for the birthday girl.

Escorted by a queen and a guard, Ruby couldn’t hide her emotion and thanked everyone, because it’s not everyday one reaches such a ripe old age! Winning an Oscar or a Bafta must be incredible, but can you imagine turning 101 in such good shape?

Of course, as in every celebratory party, we had delicious catering and drinks, dancing and singing, and lots of fun.

Special thanks to Lily, Michael, Sue and Genevieve who kindly made some wonderful decorations.

Happy Birthday Ruby!