16 Oct 2020

Happy Feast

We couldn’t say goodbye to the summer without a party. For the occasion, we decided to have a barbecue. Gathering together was just lovely, mostly to see our residents having fun.

Probably the best part was to have Daniel Brewerton with us again. Thanks to the Friends of St Augustine’s we really enjoyed his wonderful voice. Due to COVID-19, it’s not easy to provide our residents with entertainers, and for this reason, the performance was a bit different, Daniel stood outside singing while the residents stayed indoors humming the songs and dancing with the sisters and staff.

The weather wasn’t the best but come rain or shine, we always find a way to have good fun. Probably the amazing catering, the delicious cake and a glass of wine helped to make it special. Wendy, the daughter of one of our residents, made lovely goodie bags for everyone.

The decoration was provided by our residents, who really love to spend their time using their imagination to make our home cosier and more beautiful.

What a party! Now we are ready to welcome the autumn!

Saint Augustine


The barbeque was arranged to celebrate our home day, which coincided with St Augustine’s Feast and Sr Isabel Gaztambide wants to tell us a little more about him.

St Augustine was a bishop and doctor of the church and is the patron saint of our home in Addlestone.

He was born at Thagaste in North Africa in 354. As a  young man he led an unsettled life, both in the philosophy he professed and in his moral behaviour, but later – in the year 387 –  he was converted by the continuous prayers and tears of his mother Saint Monica. Searching for the truth he continually repeated: “My heart was made for you, Lord, and will never find rest, until I find my rest in you”.

He received the baptism in Milan, from the Bishop Saint Ambrose. On returning to Algeria, and was elected Bishop of Hippo for thirty-four years, being an exemplary  Bishop to his flock. His teaching and writings combatted the errors of the time. He died in 430.

We celebrated our great Patron Saint with great love and enthusiasm. The introduction of the morning prayer was very enlightening, reflecting his life, especially his search for the truth.

The Solemn Mass was celebrated in the morning by Fr Martin Ashcroft.  His homily was brilliant, based on his ministry as Shepherd and leader of his flock.

Then followed the “banquet”. Everybody enjoyed the exquisite food and wine prepared by our unique kitchen team. The “giant” cake spoke for itself and was delicious. We also appreciated the special greeting from our Superior Provincial Sr Maria Lourdes Sanz and the community of Shenstone, Sister Clotilde Elvira not to mention the sisters from the communities of Africa. Thank you all. We ended the day with one hour of adoration in thanksgivings.

Saint Augustine pray for us.