19 Aug 2020

Head of Care needed!

We are looking for a Head of Care to join our team in London.

Salary on application.

Full time, permanent contract.

Job Description


To assist the Registered Care Home Manager in managing the day-to-day service of the Home to ensure the delivery of a quality-driven, holistic service to Residents providing them with support and enabling them to live independently and as dignified a life as possible.  Deputise for Registered Care Home Manager, where necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities


Assist in the coordination and implementation of the assessment process for the residents.

  • Implement service referral and monitoring systems, undertaking regular assessments to ensure the ongoing quality of the Home
  • Carry out assessments of prospective residents and seek validation from the Registered Care Home Manager
  • Manage the admission process for all new residents
  • Create and ensure ongoing maintenance of Care Plans
  • Assist in the development of the Annual Business Plan and budget for the Home
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders and health professionals as required including the attending of appointments
  • Assist in the regular monitoring/auditing of standards of practice in order to maintain and develop service provision and document accordingly
  • Ensure that the day to day needs of Residents are fulfilled whilst recognising and meeting their holistic care needs
  • Oversee the programme of social and recreational activities
  • Regularly review service provision and make appropriate recommendations
  • Conduct Health and Safety Risk Assessments as required

Accountability for medication management according to relevant policy and procedure.

  • Carry out weekly audit reports on all Unit medication
  • Carry out monthly audits of trolleys, controlled drugs and stock control
  • Monitor medication rooms, trolley and fridge completing relevant documentation
  • Disposal of expired items e.g. creams, eye drops etc.
  • Conduct timely medication reviews and record as necessary
  • Purchase, record and ensure the safe storage of all medication
  • Ensure MAR sheets are updated by the GP when medication is prescribed

Develop and maintain internal and external channels of communication for the provision of information and service.

  • Liaison with the families/Residents with regards to all aspects of the care plans
  • Liaison with relevant agencies and professionals who can provide information, advice and counselling to Residents
  • Ensure all complaints and incidents are recorded, reported and acted upon confidentially in accordance with relevant policy and procedure
  • Effectively communicate with the Registered Care Home Manager and/or the Area Manager particularly in areas relating to safeguarding
  • Organise and attend reviews for Residents
  • Attendance and participation at meetings when required

Manage and develop high-performing teams to ensure the standards of care/support are maintained in line with internal policies and procedures.

  • Ensure effective recruitment of staff in line with the recruitment and selection procedure
  • Identify and report training and development needs
  • Assist with the implementation and delivery of identified training
  • Review staff resource and prepare staff rotas liaising with Registered Care Home Manager to ensure adequate cover in place at all times
  • Conduct appraisals and supervisions, setting objectives to improve performance and motivation
  • Performance manage in line with appropriate policy and procedure
  • Promote a consultative and participative work environment including participation in regular staff meetings, organising meetings with staff when required to ensure service standards are maintained
  • Ensure the induction of new staff and assist in the process of familiarising them with methods, procedures and values of the Charity

Prepare and maintain up-to-date records for compliance purposes eg  Data Protection Act,  CQC (where applicable).

  • Up-dating of personnel files
  • Recording of relevant personnel data eg timesheets, annual leave
  • Maintaining up-to-date records of all care/support needs for Residents
  • Recording and maintenance of Individual Life Plans
  • Preparation of Health and Safety documentation

Implement and adhere to internal and external policies and standards e.g.  Department of Health, Care Quality Commission, Health and Safety Executive, CQC Code of Conduct.

  • Ensure relevant policies and standards are followed and maintained at all times
  •  Maintain good working knowledge of relevant standards in order to ensure effective implementation

Continuous Self Development to ensure knowledge and skills are relevant to the Charity.

  • Keep up to date with skills and knowledge
  • Attend mandatory training
  • Attend other training and development activity where appropriate
  • Participate in development reviews
  • Read and seek to understand all relevant communication eg  staff handbook, written communication, marketing literature
  • Attendance and participation at meetings as required

Be aware of your responsibilities under the Charity’s Health and Safety policy, taking all possible steps to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Report all incidents or potential hazards
  • Maintain the First Aid provision in the Home

Actively support the vision, philosophies and values of the Charity.

  • Promote the core values of the Charity i.e. respect, compassion, hospitality, justice and             trust
  • Act in a non-discriminatory manner
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Act as a positive role model for the team
  • Undertake any other duties that are in keeping with the values of the Charity that   you have the skill/ability to carry out

Experience Skill and Qualifications:


  • Ability to demonstrate the core values of the Charity
  • NVQ Level 3
  • Registered Nurse (1st Level) qualification
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Requirements of the latest Care Standards and relevant legislation
  • Supervisory/management experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff and members of the religious community
  • Good organisational/leadership skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of developing care plans
  • Ability to work on own initiative and with a team
  • Effective change management skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Good networking/negotiation skills
  • Able to work flexible hours, weekends, on-call as necessary; covering any sickness, annual leave
  • Driving Licence
  • National Certificate in the care field
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety legislation
  • Understanding of issues affecting religious Life
  • Experience of review and care planning meetings
  • Knowledge of relevant support and benefit systems

If you are interested, don’t hesitate and send your cv to the Registered Manager at Sara.Baldesare@hsc-uk.org