22 Oct 2020

Home visits & Relaxation Techniques

Since the emergence of the pandemic we have tried to prevent the spread of the virus and in the last month home visits were prioritised. As the pandemic has altered the mental stability of patients, staff and sisters we have also encouraged relaxation techniques which have been most effective.

One of our treatment modalities is Relaxation, which helps to decrease the effects of stress on the minds and bodies of our patients. It also assists in coping with the daily stress associated with various health problems.

Since the lockdown staff, sisters, family members, patients and the world as a whole have considered this technique as a means of maintaining our mental health. Autogenic training uses both visual imagery and body awareness to get a person into a state of relaxation along with deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and solemn background music.

Home visits have been prioritised and social workers have taken it upon themselves to follow-up on patients daily with the aim of helping them maintain their mental stability. This initiative has produced a massive improvement in the majority of our patients.

In the photos, you can see how our patients have changed since they started their treatment.