20 Aug 2020

Home visits to follow-ups

Since the pandemic caused by COVID-19 broke into our lives, we have had to close our Day Centre following Government recommendations, and because we continue in lockdown in Ghana, we visit the children in their homes to do follow-ups and make sure they are fine. We provide them with the necessary medication and sometimes we give food to those in need.

In total 40 children used to come to our day centre and we have visited 30 so far – primarily those who we consider need more attention. Since the beginning of the lockdown, we have visited them at least once a month and sometimes we go to their homes twice, depending on how we have found them on the previous visit to check their health.

The psychiatric nurses also go around by motorbike, every two weeks to attend to some of those who need more attention and care and to supply their medication.

Thank God, we found them all at home safe and sound, shared our joy with them and their parents and reassured them of our continuous visits.

We thank God for how far He has brought us all. We thank Him for his protection and guidance during this time of the pandemic. We’re most grateful to God for such great love, and protection from every harm and danger at this difficult moment.

We pray to God to eradicate this disease from our world, so that we may be able to continue His mission here on earth. Amen.