5 Nov 2018

“I am amazed at how hard the sisters work”

Katalin works as a Senior Care Assistant at St Augustine’s Home. She has been at the home for two years.

Can you tell us about your life?

I was born in Hungary, in a big, lovely family. I have two older brothers and an older sister. They already have their own families. I am still single, very open-minded on new places and cultures. Maybe this is the reason why I made up my mind to come to England three years ago, with very basic English knowledge.

I really like it here, although I badly miss my family most of the time! But I work hard, so I am able to visit them four times a year.

What are your hobbies?

I like reading English novels, my favourite writer is Catherine Cookson. Besides, I love going for a walk by the rivers and lakes.

I am amazed at how hard the sisters work despite their age and how lovely they are with the residents.

How long have you been working at St Augustine’s for?

I started to work here at St Augustine’s two years ago as an agency Care Assistant. Almost a year ago, I became a permanent member of staff and I have been working as a Senior Care Assistant for two months now, which means a lot to me.

What is it like to work with the sisters?

I chose this care home because working together with the Sisters makes me feel in a homely environment. I am amazed at how hard they work despite their age and how lovely they are with the residents and with all of us too. The residents are also very kind, most of them are very lovely, funny, caring, always happy if you make them smile and they put a smile on my face too.
The staff is very friendly and I already made some good friends here.

What do you like the most about your job?

My favourite activity is the bingo. It’s nice to see how the residents and the staff, who help them look for the numbers, are excited about who will be the winner and share the prizes.

Would you change anything?

I would only change the number of the staff, it would be nicer to work here if we had more time to spend with the residents face to face. Or to take them out sometimes for an adventure.