15 Sep 2020

Ice cream party

We had a beautiful afternoon ice cream party amidst the heatwave days at St Teresa’s home. The organisation was assisted by one of the most active residents Deidre, who went with Anita, the Activities Coordinator, to chose ice-cream boxes with different flavours and a variety of ice cream cones.

We set tables outside and invited residents to join in, taking several turns to accommodate everyone. There was a setup place in the kitchenette that helped us to create the atmosphere of an ice-cream shop and all residents came one by one to choose their ice cone and favourite flavour. The “shop” assistant, of course, was Deidre who seemed happy and very natural in the role – mostly because she liked to help to make the afternoon jolly, pleasant and exciting.

There was lively background music which prompted some residents to sing and dance but at the same time, others chatted and learnt new things about each other. We found that a few residents had lived in Ghana at some point in their lives including Marie Jose, who got married there – they seemed pretty excited and spent the afternoon sharing their memories from the country. Frank, our male resident of honour, was asked by the others to read the interview he gave for the last newsletter of Sisters Hospitallers. Although very humble, Frank was persuaded by all the ladies around him and read the interview, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Residents said that it was a fantastic ice cream afternoon and brought memories back from when they had their family Sunday walk with ice cream in the park.