3 Jul 2020

Let´s have fun

It is a pretty sad time for most people because of COVID-19. At St Augustine´s we are trying to keep the spirit of the residents up even though they are missing their loved ones. Everyday we try to make the residents feel more wanted living in a residential home, and we try to make it an adventure where you can make new friends and you can try and start new hobbies like dancing, poetry, knitting, chess, etc. The possibilities are endless. Recently, our activities coordinator, Catherine – while talking to a resident -, discovered that she thinks here at St Augustine´s we are having more fun than her own daughter because since the virus interrupted our lives, most people’s social lives are on hold.

Strictly Come Dancing

Who doesn’t know the tv programme Strictly Come Dancing? Who doesn’t dream of taking part in the contest and showing off their dancing skills?

St Augustine’s became a television set for one-day. Some of the participants impressed us with their performance while others perhaps a bit less, but all of them offered a great show and entertained us. And for sure, we all had a great time.

The judges were Bernie, Sr Margaret, Annette and Jalal. We won’t reveal who the winners were because the important thing is to participate!


Since visitors are not allowed in care homes, the residents found themselves missing their families and friends so, to cheer them up, we organised a carnival!

Some of our residents got into the spirit and designed and decorated their own mask, and Ruby and Sue decorated.

For the occasion, our manager, Aurea, turned into Carmen Miranda – Brazilian samba singer, dancer, and actress-. But she was not the only one, others choose different kinds of costumes and dressed up as nuns or priests.

Sisters, staff and residents joined the party and afterwards we all enjoyed a tasty meal, including pizza and cocktails.