27 Oct 2020

Magic table

We received a beautiful addition to enriching the activities at St Teresa’s Home – we applied for and have been granted the use of a magic table.

The magic table is a special projector of interactive technology, similar to a computer, loaded with many sensory games which can be played on a table, It is helping to put a smile on the faces of our residents with dementia– while increasing their social engagement.

The lights and shapes projected onto the table create physical interaction, while the experience of sitting around a table and playing the interactive games with others makes it a social experience.

The residents were captivated and excited to play in groups – there is a variety of games that offer something for everyone’s likes and moods. Some of the games are competitive – Lorna, Marie and Ann were so pleased and successful in collecting sweets in a box and managed to achieve the record of 100 sweets in a minute. Barbara and Joyce had a fantastic time with a fishing pond, directing the fish around the lilies, also spending time enjoying the serenity of contemplation by the pond with accompanying nature sounds.

All our residents liked passing the bouncing ball around the table and bursting the water bubbles exclaiming happily with every bubble burst.

We received Zoom training which showed us some new ways of playing with the ‘magic table’ including projecting games such as flowers and the starry sky onto the ceiling – to the absolute amusement and excitement of all residents who the trainer kindly allowed to attend the session together with Anita, the Activities Coordinator.

We are looking forward to exploring more games in the coming weeks!