1 Nov 2020

María Josefa Recio’s Day in Addlestone

The enthusiasm and desire to imitate the virtues of our Mother Foundress, María Josefa Recio after the study, reflection and sharing in our community has resulted in the following action…

We have decided to celebrate the 30th of each month, as a remembrance of her death (30th October 1883) and to dedicate the day to reflect on her many virtues, especially her life of prayer, charity and service. This month the liturgy has been prepared by the group of elderly sisters. The introduction to morning prayer was on the value of welcoming in Maria Josefa’s life from the book “Lights and  Shadows”.

Psalms were sung beautifully by two choirs. After the Scripture reading, it was noted that we have no information about how Maria Josefa chose to be named Maria Josefa del Sumo Sacramento. Nevertheless, it was the most appropriate name from which she got the strength and energy to cope with the many and daily difficulties at the founding of the Congregation and live in peace and unity with everyone.

María Josefa Recio.

We remembered the presence of the sisters in each Continent. especially the sisters in the new foundation in Timor. At Vespers, the reflection was based on the Testament of Maria Josefa, and the fruits of her charity and humility.  

This happy and fruitful day ended with a dinner in the sitting room of the community followed by the singing of the first anthem of the congregation “Agrupadas en torno a la bandera…”

Maria Josefa Pray for us.