16 May 2019

Mental Health Center News – Liberia

Regular Activities

Patients, staff and relatives participated in different activities carried out at the centre regularly. During psychoeducation activities, patients at the Step Down Unit were put into groups based on their respective conditions and staff were assigned to each group to discuss their conditions, the causes, clinical manifestations and ways of managing. Clients developed the habit of taking this exercise seriously, they were seen reading and discussing amongst themselves all the time even during meal time. They presented nicely on the scheduled day and it was marvellous. Topics presented included substance abuse, delusion, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia.

Another activity was painting. Clients were given magazines to colour objects with the aim of developing social skills and getting to know their interests. Some were taken through scribbling.

Family meetings are carried out on the first Friday of every month to discuss the role of the family in the recovery of clients. The families usually participate in the discussion of various topics from education on various conditions to ways of avoiding stigma in the community.

Clients celebrated the birthday of Grace Sneh together!

Clients and Staff

We have been able to trace clients who did not have contact and have been living in the streets for years. Out of four, we successfully traced the family of three who were excited to know about their ward and willing to support them through this time of mental instability. We currently have 20 clients on admission who are all responding to treatment rapidly not withholding possible discharges.

Staff continued their in-service training on Bipolar disorder. They all co-operated during the session and seem to have developed an interest in it.