4 Dec 2017

Mental Health Patients Recovery

Patients at the temporary rehabilitation centre at St Francis Xavier Hospital have shown great improvement after joining in.

Mental health stigma in Ghana is still an issue and clients had a hard time dealing with it. One of the ladies, Winifred, who is a mother of four children, lost her job as a teacher due to her illness.

I felt there was no hope for me, especially with the father of my kids refusing to support me when I needed him. But now I’ve got a reason to live. I’m happy about my current state and I’m willing to help and share my story with others.

She is planning on going back to teaching because she enjoys being around children, but for now, she is focusing on what she does at the centre.

Fortunately, psychotherapy and other activities have helped them improve their self image and have a positive attitude towards life. They are taught how to make paper, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, dettol as well as preparing gauze for sterilization and use at our hospital.