6 Nov 2020

Message for the Managing Director

As the UK prepares itself for another 4-week lockdown from 5th November 2020. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had a profound impact on business globally. So we need to take the positive from this and start planning and looking forward to life after lockdown and returning to the new ‘normal’. This brings about its own challenges for businesses who have faced an unprecedented level of disruptions not only in Healthcare but across all global markets.


As governments around the world grapple with the decisions of how to lift lockdown and when to ease social distancing, businesses face decisions on how to re-open and return to work. These range from employees coming out of furlough to assessing how to operate safely and in line with health and safety requirements and revised social distancing rules.

Each and every business will need to assess and deal with different requirements around the world. A critical challenge will be that different countries are going back to normal at different times but also at a different pace.

Kevin Rusbridge, Managing Director UK.

For businesses that operate outside and/or do not have the public visiting the ability to return to operations sooner – but this may mean heavier restrictions to comply with.

One thing remains certain, as we exit the Covid-19 pandemic we will all be moving to a new ‘normal’. All businesses will need to adjust and re-assess their finances, the markets in which they operate, their customers, their ways of working and their operations. For some, this may well be a catalyst for change as they seek to accelerate their business and recover the time and ground lost to Covid-19.