23 Aug 2020

Mornings at St Teresa’s home

Our mornings at St Teresa’s have been busy and vibrant. The residents gathered in the conservatory or garden and took an active part in exercises for the whole body with Sr Isabel and Anita. There were energetic exercises, calming exercises and breathing exercises – something suitable for everybody!

The sessions were enriched with social time during which residents shared personal stories from their lives: We learned about Frank’s grandfather who was a famous Scottish artist (and from whom Frank gained his great painting abilities); we also read his lovely interview published in our June newsletter. We talked about Lorna’s nursing career, which she loved, and our residents favourite holiday places and memories from their vacations.

There was also daily singing of favourite songs such as ‘Bicycle made for two’, ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’, ‘Four-Leaved Clover’. Many times the sessions ended with a dance!

On sunny days while a group of residents were energizing with exercises in the garden, a few others would go for nice long walks in the neighbourhood, enjoying the sunshine, the beautiful gardens and mews and chatting to passers-by walking their dogs. They were often lucky enough to meet the gardeners working in the gardens and learn more about the variety of flowers and the care they need.