19 Dec 2020

Music fulfilled us!

Music was a very important part of our lives during the lockdown and helped us to snap out of any gloomy moods and go back to being relaxed and happy.

On several occasions, staff joined in helping to organise joyful and uplifting activities for our residents. Jennifer, who is a gifted singer, was happy to get involved in sing a long afternoon and to lead the activity with her beautiful voice. Residents were delighted to join in with some of their favourite songs: ‘Que sera, sera’, ‘Danny Boy’, ‘Over the Rainbow’. Nan – who cannot see to read printed lyrics – still got involved,  remembering the words by heart, with a smile. The musical afternoon quickly became a dance session and everyone took turns to dance with Anita and Jennifer. Our little party ended with laughs, tea and cakes.

We continued our classical concerts via Zoom – a wonderful harpsichord performance entertained residents at the beginning of the month. Everyone enjoyed listening to a variety of pieces from the Baroque and Romantic Era composed by musicians from European countries –  a wonderful musical journey. There was also a ballet performance with Alice, who danced pieces from various famous ballets. She showed us some practice ballet movements, inviting residents to join in which they happily did – some while sitting in chairs and few copied the steps completely with great enjoyment! Opera tenor Robin returned on the last November Thursday with a playlist of favourite songs with which everyone joined in and his fan club – Ann and Lorna loved meeting him again – blowing kisses through the screen.